“Oh Shit… Oh Dear”

Level 7: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 164/257

A big pot just went down on Table 11 between Daniel Kauhausen and Lucien Jouanneau. There was about 20,000 in the pot when Kauhausen check-called a bet of 4,000 by Jouanneau on the 104A flop.

Kauhausen checked again on the 3 turn. Jouanneau tossed out a bet of 20,000. Kauhausen went into the tank for about a minute before he jammed for more than the 66,000 his opponent had in his stack.

“Oh shit,” Kauhausen said in a quiet voice obviously not pleased he was called.

Lucien Jouanneau: AA
Daniel Kauhausen: KJ

Kauhausen was in trouble but had some hope to hit a flush or a gutshot to Broadway. But no flush or gutshot completed on the [invalid notations]2c[/[invalid notations] river for Kauhausen to double Jouanneau.

“Oh dear,” Kauhausen said after the hand still having some regrets.

Lucien Jouanneau – 160,000
Daniel Kauhausen – 25,000

Daniel Kauhausen & Lucien Jouanneau

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