Oliver Said Eliminated in 3rd Place (€55,420)

Level 33: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)
Entries: 2/1,226

Martynas Brazdzionis opened for 1 million from the button. Oliver Said three-bet to 3 million from the small blind. Lewis Coffin cold-called from the big blind and Brazdzionis folded.

Said open-jammed for 12 million the 2910 flop and Coffin snap-called.

“Aces?” asked Said.

He was close but one pair off.

Oliver Said: KQ
Lewis Coffin: KK

Said was unable to complete his straight or get a pair of runners on the 9 and 5 river to hit the rail in third place.

Meanwhile, Coffin will begin heads-up play with a massive chip-edge over Brazdzionis.

Lewis Coffin – 54 million
Martynas Brazdzionis – 7 million
Oliver Said – 0

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