Only One Albrigtsen Remains

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 66/1,460

Evy Albrigtsen was all-in a few times today but never really got much going. Unfortunately, gas ran out of the tank and she is now on the rail leaving just one Albrigtsen in the field with her husband Ronny Albrigtsen with an impressive stack of 1,330,000.

Evy jammed from the cutoff before Matthew Vicarage came in over the top for about 1.5 million from the button. Martin Ehrler and Thomas Lange folded from the blinds and the hands were tabled.

Evy Albrigtsen: AQ
Matthew Vicarage: AK

Albrigtsen had tons of hope after her queen paired up on the Q67 flop. However, fate was not on her side as Vicarage improved to a better pair on the K turn. The 6 river completed the board to end Albrigtsen’s deep run.

Matthew Vicarage – 1.8 million
Ronny Albrigtsen – 1.3 million
Evy Albrigtsen – 0

Evy Albrigtsen

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