“Only Quads” for Jankauskas

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 191/197

We caught up to the hand with exactly 4,300 in the pot and the 9A5Q on the board after the turn. Marius Jankauskas checked and Samuel Dray fired out for 1,100. Thorsten Runge raised to 3,000. Thierry Faure folded before Jankauskas called.

Dray folded before both Jankauskas and Runge checked down the 5 river. Runge turned over AQ for top two pair. This could have won in many spots but was not near enough this time with Jankauskas waking up with 55 to win the hand.

Jankauskas traveled out from Lithuania, where this reporter also lives. We got to meet several Lithuanian players that we previously didn’t know during the Malta Poker Festival. One was on the rail during that hand to quickly say hi to Jankauskas.

“Only quads,” Jankauskas’s friend said with a big smile to us.

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