Patane Ousts Two With Rockets

Level 23: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 38/1,226

Joaquim Ferriera opened for 410,000 with just 320,000 behind from the lojack. The action paused on Koen Meutstege for a few minutes before he opted to jam for 1,045,000 from the hijack.

Angelo Patane paused for a few moments before he asked for a count of Meutstege’s stack. A couple of minutes later, he called. Ferriera tanked for a minute before he called off his stack as well.

Joaquim Ferriera: KQ
Koen Meutstege: 99
Angelo Patane: AA

Patane’s rockets held to oust two players after the 66588 ran out on the board.

Angelo Patane – 4.8 million
Koen Meutstege – 0
Joaquim Ferriera – 0

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