Payouts for €1,320

The following players cashed for €1,320 in the Grand Event. The final 89 players have each locked up at least a €1,520 payout.

90Sjoerd Nikkels€1,320
91Santaluna Baldassare€1,320
92Daoud Abu€1,320
93Kaspar Schmid€1,320
94Liwei Wang€1,320
95Fabio Coppola€1,320
96Amber Glasby€1,320
97Per Moller€1,320
98Aurelien Giard€1,320
99Katie Swift€1,320
100Pieter Koedijk€1,320
101Philip Roberts€1,320
102Fabio Sturba€1,320
103Thomas Lowter€1,320
104Marian Ivanov€1,320
105Pavle Pecelj€1,320
106Yannick Rohrbach€1,320
107Eduardo Terrivel€1,320
108Leon Campbell€1,320
109Fabian Fleischmann€1,320
110Antonios Onourfriou€1,320
111Luke Pace€1,320
112Robert Teunissen€1,320
113Anastasios Apostolou€1,320
114Firat Cankaya€1,320
115Dejan Dabetic€1,320
Katie Swift

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