Payouts for €1,520

The following players each cashed for €1,520. The remaining field has now locked up at least a €1,720 payout.

72Dost Ghrabie€1,520
73Johannes Grootelaar€1,520
74Edward Chun Ho Yam€1,520
75Paul Maguire€1,520
76Daro Berisa€1,520
77Jemery Bametz€1,520
78Emil Karhu€1,520
79Zaheer Zeb€1,520
80Stepan Brychta€1,520
81Roland Boothby€1,520
82Erik Ostergaard€1,520
83James Thody€1,520
84Attila Kassitzky€1,520
85Maciej Toma€1,520
86Daniele Staropoli€1,520
87Benjamin Rensen€1,520
88Ertan Cicekdemir€1,520
89David Ozmen€1,520

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