Payouts for €1,720

The following players were eliminated for €1,720 leaving the final 53 players with at least a €1,920 payday.

The PokerStars at The Hippodrome Head of Poker Kerryjane Craigie was among the recent casualties leaving La Sengphet as the final female remaining in the Grand Event.

54Kerryjane Craigie€1,720
55Georgios Georgiou€1,720
56Ian Gascoigne€1,720
57Peter Kaspar€1,720
58Thomas Hofmann€1,720
59Damir Savio€1,720
60Thomas Petit€1,720
61Torben Krogh€1,720
62Olga Liscsinzky€1,720
63Presiyan Tsvetanov€1,720
64Kevin Houghton€1,720
65Salvatore Incardona€1,720
66Guiseppe Loreto€1,720
67Daniel Spavin-Haigh€1,720
68Simon Taylor€1,720
69Theo Schmitt€1,720
70Corentin Viaud€1,720
71Serdar Demircan€1,720

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