Players Cashing for €1,430

Poker author Alex O’Brien lost her short stack and joined more than a dozen others recently hitting the rail for a payout of €1,430. The final 79 players each locked up at least €1,580 with much more to come.

80Yannick Rohrbach€1,430
81Marcus Larsson€1,430
82Koen Volckaert€1,430
83Anca Eggenberger€1,430
84Guy Cox€1,430
85Joel Haapio€1,430
86Colin Cooper€1,430
87Jozsef Dobos€1,430
88Boban Stevanovic€1,430
89Alex O’Brien€1,430
90Angelo Vietti€1,430
91Ivan Furniet Martinez€1,430
92Garry Spinks€1,430
93Marco Meisser€1,430
94Aidan Quinlan€1,430
95John Stewart€1,430
Alex O’Brien, Antoine Degiorgio, and Dara O’Kearney

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