Pocket Rockets for Klandy

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 116/337

Simo Klandy opened for 7,000 from the cutoff. Karl Sepp called from the button before Alex Montgomery three-bet jammed from the big blind for his massive stack over the two players with short stacks. Klandy called off for his stack of 45,000 while Sepp folded.

Simo Klandy: AA
Alex Montgomery: KQ

“That’s my favorite hand,” Serdan Demircan, who also was at the table shared with Montgomery.

Regardless of whether it was someone’s favorite hand or not, it didn’t get there with the 84785 running out on the board.

The table, which has been fun and lively all day, just broke with the players now scattered to other tables.

Alex Montgomery – 365,000
Semir Demircan – 350,000
Simo Klandy – 100,000
Karl Sepp – 60,000

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