Rando Runs Into Bozdogan’s Cowboys

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 67/252

Ali Bozdogan had his stack of 100,000 already committed from the small blind when Paolo Rando called off his stack from the hijack. Dean Laybourne, who had a bet already in front of him from the button went into the tank for a few minutes before apologizing to the table. Eventually, Laybourne opted to fold.

Paolo Rando: 1010
Ali Bozdogan: KK

Kings were good against tens the entire way after the A99102 ran out on the board.

“Did you have an ace?” Bozdogan asked Laybourne.

“I had ace-queen,” shared Laybourne.

“It a tough spot but you had to fold,” said Chris Read, who was also at the table to Laybourne.

Ali Bozdogan – 225,000
Paolo Rando – 0

Ali Bodogan jams cowboys

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