Read Dispatches Kassouf

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 173/251

It wasn’t nine-high for William Kassouf but women’s poker advocate Chris Read picked off Kassouf anyway in a different way.

Read shared that one of her opponents opened for 3,000 and Read with ace-jack suited along with two others called. The preflop opener continued on an ace-high flop before Read three-bet. Kassouf came in over the top for his stack and Read shared that she put Kassouf on a flush draw before she called.

Her intuition was correct as Kassouf was indeed on a flush draw and Read snagged his stack after bricks came for Kassouf on the turn and river.

Best of luck to Read, who had a rough going yesterday with coolers and bad beats in advancing to Day 2 as she is off to a great start. We wish Kassouf good luck as well in the side events or if he opts to re-enter the Grand Event.

Chris Read – 130,000
William Kassouf – 0

Chris Read and her lucky troll eliminating William Kassouf

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