Registration at Portomaso Casino

To avoid long queing and help a more expedite registration process, we ask all our visiting players that you fill in this form in advance.

NOTE:  Patrons that have entered PORTOMASO and/or ORACLE Casino after 7th June of 2021 do not need to do the Pre-registration.

Please bring this form printed and ready:



  1. Permanent address refers to the current residential address
  2. Temporary address is the name of the Hotel for your stay in Malta
  3. All fields marked with a Red Asterisk (*) are mandatory
  4. As a contact we require Either A mobile number or Email address (no need for Both) , If E-mail address is given a confirmation E-mail will be sent if the Pre-registration was completed successfully.
  5. Once at the Casino client will need to Advise the receptionist that he has done the Pre-Registration.
  6. V.IMP! – The Document inputted in the pre-registration will need to be presented at the Casino Reception to be scanned, only the original document will be accepted (no photos on mobile)
  7. Kindly note the Pre-Registration may take up to 24 hours to be processed by Portomaso’s front desk