Roberts Cracks Lind’s Rockets With Seven-Deuce Suited

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 150/245

Totti Lind opened for 2,500 from under the gun and was called by three players including Rosarie Roberts from the big blind.

Roberts open-jammed for 15,300 the [invalid notations] flop. Lind snap-called and the other two players folded.

Rosarie Roberts: 72
Totti Lind: AA

Lind flopped a set of aces but it was Roberts ahead after flopping a flush. Blanks came on the turn and river for Roberts to crack Lind’s aces and get back near a starting stack.

Meanwhile, Hippodrome Ambassador Chris Da Silva had the most chips at that table with 200,000 in chips. Also, The Hendon Mob’s Roland Boothby, who is in town to help out with The Hendon Mob Championship later in the festival, sat down at the table after the hand wrapped up.

Chris Da Silva – 200,000
Totti Lind – 85,000
Roland Boothby – 50,000
Rosarie Roberts – 45,000

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