Said Survives; Sengphet Returns

Level 31: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 6/1,226

La Senghet nearly laddered up despite missing the first hand. She came back at the end of the following hand:

Lewis Coffin opened for a min-raise from under the gun. Oliver Said jammed for nearly 4 million from the big blind and Coffin called.

Oliver Said: A7
Lewis Coffin: A10

Said was behind and it wasn’t looking good on either the JQ6 flop. He was only drawing to a chop after Coffin paired his ten on the 10 turn.

“King,” pleaded Said.

Said got his wish and the players chopped the pot after both improving to Broadway on the K river.

Lewis Coffin – 12 million
Oliver Said – 4 million

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