Samuel Biland Eliminated in 6th Place (€25,100)

Level 31: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 5/1,444

Leif Hetland opened for 650,000 from the button. Samuel Biland three-bet jammed for 3,900,000 from the big blind. Hetland asked for a count and called about a minute later.

Samuel Biland: A4
Leif Hetland: 55

Hetland’s fives held with the 79QQ3 running out on the board to eliminate Biland in sixth place for €25,100. Meanwhile, the final five players went on break a hand or two later with at least the fifth-place prize of €32,200 locked up.

Samuel Biland’s impressive Grand Event run ends in sixth place

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