Set of Nines for Vryonis

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 211/320

There was 40,000 in the pot with the 9AQ7 on the board after the turn when we caught up to the hand. Franck Meucci checked. Nikolaos Vryonis fired out for 20,000. Meucci tanked for more than a minute before he called.

Both players checked the 6 river. Meucci flashed his cards to Vyronis. Vryonis turned over the 99 for a set of nines.

“Show one, show all,” said someone at the table.

Meucci turned over his J10 before he hit the table with a little more than a tap out of frustration about the hand.

Nikolaos Vryonis – 135,000
Franck Meucci – 60,000

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