Shaun Halliday Makes the Most of Day 1b

Day 1b of the MPF Grand Event was rocking at Portomaso Casino with 254 entries coming out in full force to bring the field already up to 469 entries when taking into account the 215 entries on Day 1a.

A total of 58 players survived led by Shaun Halliday, who bagged a whopping 656,000 in chips. The PokerStars at the Hippodrome Ambassador Chris Da Silva bagged a cool 500,000, while both Noel Studer and David Ozmen ended the day each above 400,000.

This entire group is behind Day 1a chip leader Marko Luksa who managed to bag an impressive 687,000 from his 50,000 opening stack to lead the 59 survivors yesterday.

Other players to advance via the Day 1b field included Alessandro Barone (375,000), Chen Keren (243,000), Antoine Talvard (228,000), Matthew Adams (206,000), Peter Kamaras (126,000), Uwe Matthias (122,000), Head of Poker at The Hippodrome Kerryjane Craigie (94,000), and Amber Glasby (82,000).

Here is a look at the final chip counts from Day 1b:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Shaun Halliday656,000131
Chris Da Silva500,000100
Noel Studer447,00089
David Ozmen425,00085
Lars Eriksson396,00079
Lucien Jouanneau388,00078
Alessandro Barone375,00075
Michael Pinto374,00075
Mats Karlsson335,00067
Nandor Fejes323,00065
Edward Chun Ho Yam310,00062
Simon Taylor303,00061
Kaspar Scmid301,00060
Massimo Bruno298,00060
Antonios Onoufriou282,00056
Benjamin Fougerouze278,00056
Julien Gadanho276,00055
Mats Hjortlov263,00053
Angelo Vietti252,00050
Chen Keren243,00049
Torben Krogh235,00047
La Sengphet233,00047
Antoine Talvard228,00046
Christopher Colllins222,00044
Bogdan Juc222,00044
Andreas Liperis210,00042
Matthew Adams206,00041
Joseph Hull205,00041
Stewart Kirby194,00039
David Berdis185,00037
Dejan Babetic185,00037
Jonathan Schuman184,00037
Ian Gascoigne182,00036
James Scorgie177,00035
Louis Le Boisselier170,00034
Lawrence Bonnici166,00033
Daniel Ventura161,00032
Torsten Riedl152,00030
Damir Savio151,00030
Daniel Kuhlmann147,00029
Lars Halkier140,00028
Dmitri Dudakov138,00028
Kevin Houghton136,00027
James Clarke135,00027
Peter Kamaras126,00025
Uwe Matthias122,00024
James Mercieca122,00024
Georgios Georgiou118,00024
Emil Karhu106,00021
Gerard Lemee104,00021
Kerryjane Craigie94,00019
Kerrien Clement91,00018
Amber Glasby82,00016
Gaetano Brignone80,00016
Fabio Assennato79,00016
Robert Cordell-Lavarack69,00014
Jie-Quan Tsai69,00014
Erik Dahlberg48,00010

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