Side Event Update

The side events have been booming today. Here is a quick update on the €150 Ladies First! powered by Chris Read, the €230 Seniors Event powered by Jackie “Poker Mama” Cachia, and the €120 APAT Mediterranean Championship.

Ladies First!

The Ladies First! event is running on the same floor and was the first one we passed by. The event attracted 73 entries to generate a €9,110 prize pool. The top seven players will get paid at least a €310 min-cash with tonight’s winner slated to go home with the €2,690 top prize along with two trophies (one from MPF and one from the WPA).

MPF Founder Ivonne Montealegre is looking for another deep run with 14 players remaining. She took second place last spring to the very person hosting this year’s event in Chris Read. Read is no longer in the event but Poker Power’s AJ Rudolph is still in the running.

Other women in the quest for the title include Head of Poker at the Hippodrome Kerryjane Craigie, Deanna Debosz, Franky Green, Annica Gustavsson, Mary Kerr, Karen Koekkoek, Lan Ly, Chucky Preston, Lisa Roberts, Janet Rose, Hester Saunders, and 2022 MPF Autumn Edition Ladies First! host Katie Swift, who also bagged a big stack in the Grand Event on Day 1c.

Seniors & APAT

Late registration is still open in both the Seniors Event and the two-day APAT Championship, although the late registration for the latter is about to close with 316 entries creating a €30,336 prize pool.

Meanwhile, late registration for the Seniors Event will be open for some time but it has proven to be popular with already 73 entries of at least 50 years or older getting in the action.

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