Straight Flush for Romei Against Rebhan’s Ace-High Flush

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 326/412

Just before the break, Senior Product Poker Marketing Manager Sebastian Rebhan was at 170,000 in chips. He gave some back also before the break in a hand he recapped with us and confirmed with the table as he decided to take an early dinner break.

Rebhan said that his opponent Vito Romei got his stack in with 98 for a straight flush on a 765 flop. Rebhan was more than happy to play a big pot with the A4 as not only did an ace-high flop usually get there, he also had both straight flush draws and blockers.

The turn and river weren’t important as Rebhan was already drawing dead despite such a strong hand.

We shouldn’t feel too bad for Rebhan for two reasons. One, he still has a massive pile of chips. The second is that he won the Unibet DeepStack Open trivia contest hosted by Alex Henry. This awarded him a €70 satellite seat. He binked that and might go from €70 to the next MPF Grand Event champion if he can make a good run.

Sebastian Rebhan – 130,000
Vito Romei – 110,000

Vito Romei delivers cooler to Sebastian Rebhan

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