Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie Anyone

Totti Lind not only came to the Malta Poker Festival to try to win the Grand Event trophy but also to have fun while he is here as well.

There has been a bit of friendly banter at his table as is the case at other tables as well and he opted to play a joke on Lee Colfer.

“I really love coming to Europe,” Colfer said who traveled to Malta from the United Kingdom. “They have the strawberry cheese cream pie from McDonalds.”

Lind didn’t miss a beat and immediately ordered nine (yes, nine) strawberry cream cheese pies from McDonalds. They arrived in a hurry and he shared his original plan was to tilt Colfer with them in the beginning. Being the nice guy that LInd is, he did say he would likely give one to Colfer.

Lind already gave one to this reporter, so that just leaves eight left. Thank you for the tasty treat as warm-up before the dinner break.

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