Talvard Busts Hallner

Antoine Talvard tapping the table after eliminating Tugce Hallner

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 142/1,444

A bunch of players busted quickly on the bubble. We will update the full list of eliminations after each blind level. For now, we can share how Tugce Hallner hit the rail for a min-cash of €1,110.

Hallner opened for 28,000 from middle position. Antoine Talvard three-bet jammed for 285,000 and Hallner went into the tank before she called off for a little less.

Tugce Hallner: AJ
Antoine Talvard: 1010

Hallner bricked the 339KK board. Talvard tapped the table and said “good game” as Hallner was getting ready to head to the cashier.

Antoine Talvard – 600,000
Tugce Hallner – 0

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