“Ten Big Blinds and a Dream” for Kassouf

Level 22: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 81/1,444

Every time we walk past Table 11, William Kassouf’s stack appears the same. Although he does have some pep in his step again with some friendly table chatter, he is by far not even the loudest at the table as fellow British player Colin Cooper easily takes that honor.

Kassouf was at 400,000 at break for exactly 10 big blinds.

“Ten big blinds and a dream!” Kassouf shared. “I have been hovering between six and 15 big blinds all day and still hanging around.”

There was no “nine-high like a boss” like we witnessed yesterday. In fact, we haven’t witnessed Kassouf involved in any serious pots but he shared he did have a couple of amazing spots where he doubled.

“I doubled up twice with the coconuts,” Kassouf said.

In Kassouf talk, coconuts mean rockets. In my talk, rockets mean aces. You get the idea, Kassouf doubled with aces twice and now is just two blind levels away from advancing to the final day with already €1,310 locked up.

Ten big blinds and a dream for William Kassouf

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