The Min-Cash Club

Matthew Micallef
Matthew Micallef

The following players including local hero Matthew Micallef, who found a bag in Day 1f, and Daragh Davey, who shared he lost a flip with his sub-five big blind stack when his king-ten didn’t improve to get ahead of pocket eights, hit the rail for a min-cash in the Grand Event. The rest of the field earned a €50 pay jump to at least a €950 payday.

192Stephen Barnes€900
193Christian Ruopp€900
194Alexander Jank€900
195Steven Gvozdenovic€900
196Marco Siciliano€900
197Thore Boedefeld€900
198Pontus Magnusson€900
199Svajunas Seduikis€900
200Adam Milewski€900
201Paul Hopper€900
202Samuel Goodman€900
203Stephen Dishman€900
204Flaviano Cammisuli€900
205Amanda Smith€900
206Michael Davis€900
207Elia Toma€900
208Paul Coles€900
209Daragh Davey€900
210Sonia Padovani€900
211Frederik Mortensen€900
212Luigi Nucifora€900
213Matthew Micallef€900
214Andrius Tapinas€900
215Salvatore DiMartino€900
216Kevin Kond€900
217Sander Ostlyngen€900
218Christian Schneider€900

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