The Price Was Right for Ganglbauer

Level 12: 2,000/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 89/252

Markus Ganglbauer opened the button for 8,000 before Kieran Price three-bet jammed for less than 30,000 from the small blind. Ganglbauer snap-called and the cards were turned over.

Keiran Price: A5
Markus Ganglbauer: K10

Price was ahead after the 727 flop and his chances increased to double his stack after the blank 3 turn. The K river changed Price’s fortunes and he hit the rail near the end of Level 12 instead of doubling his stack.

Markus Ganglbauer – 200,000
Keiran Price – 0

Markus Ganglbauer & Kieran Price

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