Titov’s Rockets Run Into Toma’s Set

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 143/184

There were nearly 20,000 in the pot with the 432 when both Igor Titov and Noel Studer checked. Maciej Toma bet 8,000. Titov jammed for more than 30,000. Studer quickly folded and Toma just as quickly called.

Igor Titov: AA
Maceij Toma: 22

Titov had the best possible hand before the flop but was in for a world of hurt running into Toma’s set of ducks when all the chips went in. Neither the 6 turn nor the 7 river saved the day and Titov was on the rail at least for now.

Maciej Toma – 150,000
Igor Titov – 0

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