Top Pair Doesn’t Hold for Bastow

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 231/284

Frank Bastow opened to 1,600 from late position and was called by Luciano Di Domenico from one seat over.

Bastow continued on the 103J flop before Di Domenico jammed. Bastow had around 20,000 or so in his stack and opted to call.

Frank Bastow: QJ
Luciano Di Domenico: Q8

Bastow was ahead with his top pair and his equity increased further after the 7 turn. The tables turned after 7 completed the board on the river as Di Domenico improved to a flush to win the hand and send Bastow to the rail.

Luciano Di Domenico – 70,000
Frank Bastow – 0

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