Top Pair Doesn’t Hold for Studer

Level 22: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 45/1,226

There wasn’t much in the pot when Michal Gavurnik checked the 4J3 flop from early position. Noel Studer bet 125,000. Gavurnik jammed and Studer called off for his stack of around 500,000.

Noel Studer: J2
Michal Gavurnik: 54

Studer was ahead and his lead was even bigger after Gavurnik didn’t connect with the 9. The table gasped and Studer’s disappointment was visible when the 5 river completed the board to improve Gavurnik to two pair and eliminate Studer.

Michal Gavurnik – 2.5 million
Noel Studer – 0

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