Unibet Qualifier Johnstone Destroys D’Antoni’s Dreams

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)
Entries: 159/1,442

Nicolaj D’Antoni three-bet jammed for 316,000 from middle position and was called by Unibet Poker William Johnstone who originally opened from one seat to his right.

The other hands played out and a massive crowd gathered before the cards were turned over.

Nicolaj D’Antoni: KK
William Johnstone: QQ

D’Antoni was ahead on the A210 flop but his opponent had more outs with a flush draw after the 9 landed on the turn. It wasn’t a club that ruined D’Antoni’s dreams. Instead it as the Q spiking the river to improve Johnstone to a set to send D’Antoni to the showers before the bubble.

The entire room cheered after players were in the money. It was quite an unfortunate ending for D’Antoni to hit the rail on a bad beat but congratulations to the other 159 players in securing a cash.

We will have photos and/or video footage of the bubble action later in our coverage.

William Johnstone – 1 million
Nicolaj D’Antoni – 0

William Johnstone crushes the dreams of Nicolaj D’Antoni

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