Was he Getting Pot Odds for a River Call?

Level 2: 100/200 (200)
Entries: 119/120

Rimko Meijer called a three-bet by Totti Lind to 5,000 before the 310A landed on the flop. Lind fired out for 5,000 and Meijer called.

Lind checked the Q turn before he called a bet of 5,000 by Meijer. The [invalid notations] river completed the board. Lind bet 200 into a pot of more than 30,000. Meijer paused for about 20 seconds before he opted to call.

The title was a bit of a joke as Meijer is only calling or raising there. Both players turned over the same suited big slick with one in hearts and another in diamonds to chop the pot.

Totti Lind – 50,000
Rimko Meijer – 50,000

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