Yazadi Turns a Wheel

Level 4: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 289/329

There was more than 100,000 in the pot by the time both Danilo Di Mauro and Ingo Yazidi had their stacks committed with Antonis Poulengeris having both players covered on the 724A board after the turn.

Danilo Di Mauro: QJ
Ingo Yazidi: 53
Antonis Poulengeris: JJ

Poulengeris was drawing dead to Yazidi’s wheel, while Di Mauro had a live flush draw. The flush draw bricked after the 2 paired the board on the river for Yazidi to win a huge pot while sending Di Mauro to the rail. Interestingly enough, Di Mauro immediately re-entered and randomly received the same seat he left.

Ingo Yazidi – 125,000
Danilo Di Mauro – 50,000
Antonis Poulengeris – 25,000

Ingo Yazidi stacking his chips

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