Zachmanidis Ousts Cammisuli

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 17/1,444

Georgios Zachmanidis opened for a min-raise from late position. Flaviano Cammisuli three-bet jammed for 1.2 million from one seat over and Zachmanidis quickly called when the action folded around to him.

Flaviano Cammisuli: A5
Georgios Zachmanidis: JJ

Jacks stayed ahead on the 910K29 runout and Cammisuli hit the rail in 18th place.

Georgios Zachmanidis – 4.5 million
Flaviano Cammisuli – 0

Georgios Zachmanidis texting after jacks hold

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