Category Day 1C

Final Day 1c Chip Counts

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Antonio Brancati460,00092
Samuel Tebege376,00075
Tomas Flanagan375,00075
Vytautas Rubeziu337,00067
Kjell Hernstrom327,00065
Congliang Lyu320,00064
Thomas Harnes311,00062
Jonathan Briscoe White308,00062
Miriam Hellwig308,00062
Samuele Lo Presti308,00062
Istvan Krizsan291,00058
Anthony Farthing289,00058
Dylan Cechowski286,00057
Henrik Torstensson278,00056
Tomasz Brzezinski276,00055
Jeongmin Lee268,00054
Martinez Furniet265,00053
Allan Arjut244,00049
Anders Karlsen240,00048
Boban Stevanovic232,00046
Nicolas Bigham230,00046
Lars-Magne Johansen226,00045
Garry Woods225,00045
Karl Linder222,00044
Georgios Zachmanidis214,00043
Eros Nastasi209,00042
Kevin Berkhout206,00041
Samuel Biland206,00041
Igor Bukowsi203,00041
Lawrence Bonnici199,00040
Skipp van den Assem197,00039
Ronnie Cohen190,00038
Proenca Oliveira190,00038
Miguel Martinez Marti185,00037
Kevin Quinlan182,00036
Jonathan Stoll179,00036
Bjarke Matthiesen173,00035
Ruiz Ribatallada168,00034
Francesco Biribao165,00033
Soren Dalgaard163,00033
Petrus Berkhout156,00031
Angelo Monachino154,00031
Jonas Nordquist153,00031
Stig Eketrapp149,00030
Gaetano Brignone148,00030
George Waud147,00029
Giuseppe Marrone140,00028
Vincenzo Scarpitti139,00028
Maciej Toma138,00028
Giuseppe Partinico121,00024
Sascha Manns118,00024
Adam Bromley112,00022
Mathias Petit110,00022
Niel Adams109,00022
Christophe Cambier108,00022
Johan Hermansson91,00018
Gunnar Fenes85,00017
Emil Langeland84,00017
Candido Cappiello82,00016
Daniele Grasso80,00016
Richard Sambron80,00016
Elsje Vansteenkiste73,00015
Jonathan Butters72,00014
Jeoffrey Duytschaever68,00014
Chris Da Silva60,00012
Dan Larsson60,00012
Benjamin Kett57,00011
Alexandra Grasu55,00011
Paolo Di Girolamo48,00010

Final Three Hands

The floor stopped the clock with a little more than six minutes left on Day 1c to announce the final three hands of the evening.

After three more hands are dealt at each table, surviving players will bag and tag their stacks into Sunday’s Day 2.

Stay tuned for the final chip counts of Day 1c of the 2023 Malta Poker Festival Autumn Edition €550 Main Event powered by the Unibet DeepStack Open at Portomaso Casino.

Florte Less Than Happy About Two Outer

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 77/260

Roar Florte opened for 10,000 before Istvan Krizsan three-bet jammed for a chunk of chips. Jonathan Stoll called off his short-stack before Florte also called off his stack as well.

Jonathan Stoll: AQ
Roar Florte: KK
Istvan Krizsan: [invalid notations] flop, however Florte slammed the table either out of anger or frustration or both after a miracle two outer for his opponents came on the A turn. No alternative miracle came on the 4 river. Florte was less than happy about his bad luck, but who could blame him?

“The same thing happened at the Norwegians!” Florte said before quickly leaving the table.

Although Krizsan won the side pot, his stack soon went into the back into the pot after shoving the very next hand his K9 into Emil Langeveld’s QQ.

The table was laughing about the last two hands before Sascha Manns, who was also at the table, piped up.

“Now you are just getting cute,” Manns said with a smile.

Nothing miracle happened for Krizsan on the 5AJ76 board and Krizsan’s stack went over to Langeveld.

Emil Langeveld – 200,000
Jonathan Stoll – 100,000
Istvan Krizsan – 0
Roar Florte – 0

Roar Florte takes a bad beat with cowboys

Bad Turn for Russo

Level 12: 2,000/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 92/260

Giovanni Russo three-bet from late position to 27,000 over the early position open by Joengmin Lee. Joengmin called before he checked the Q98 flop.

Russo fired out for 18,000 and Joengmin called. Joengmin checked the K turn. Lee bet 21,000. Lee jammed a big stack and Russo snap-called for about 65,000 in total.

Giovanni Russo: AQ
Joengmin Lee: K9

Lee’s two pair was miles ahead and Russo, who was ahead on the flop only to fall behind on the turn, wasn’t able to get a miracle to save his Day 1c tournament life with the [8h] river completing the board.

Joengmin Lee – 300,000
Giovanni Russo – 0

Giovanni Russo not pleased with the “turn” of events

Nilsen Runs Tens Into Eketrapp’s Rockets

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 105/260

Ingvill Nilsen jammed for 18,000 from under the gun. Arnasalon Chengalanee called from middle position before Stig Eketrapp there-bet jammed for 76,000. Chengalanee didn’t waste too much time before he called for a three-way showdown with both Norwegians Nilsen and Eketrapp at risk.

Ingvill Nilsen: 1010
Stig Eketrapp: AA
Arnasalon Chengalanee: AK

Eketrapp was ahead the entire way and even spiked the case ace on the river to double through Chengalee and oust Nilsen after the 7Q92A ran out on the board.

Stig Eketrapp – 173,000
Arnasalon Chengalanee – 20,000

Short-stacked Ingvall Nilsen runs tens into aces

“I Thought I Was Done”

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 116/260

Richard Sambron jammed for 17,000 from middle position before Stig Eketrapp called from the cutoff.

Richard Sambron: A8
Stig Eketrapp: 1010

Sambron got up looking ready to go even before the cards were turned over. He grabbed his bag after the 7K4 didn’t help on the flop. No love came for Sambron on the J turn. It was like looking at a deer in headlights as the A spiked the river to push Sambron ahead to double his stack instead of hitting the rail.

“I thought I was done as soon as you called,” Sambron shared as he sat back down and began gathering his chips.

Stig Eketrapp – 60,000
Richard Sambron – 39,000

Richard Sambron relieved to get his ace

Guided City Tour on Friday at 10:30 AM

The Malta Poker Festival and Globetrotting Poker have combined forces to bring some unique activities throughout the week away from the tables.

If you have the time, we highly recommend the private bus charter to the majestic regions of Valletta and Mosta. The departure is from the Hilton at 10:30 a.m. and gives you a chance not only to enjoy the tour but enjoy it with fellow poker aficionados. This is also perfect if you travelled to Malta with a non-poker-playing friend or partner.

We wish the crew tons of fun away from the tables tomorrow morning and the best of luck when they are back in action at Portomaso Casino.

Delfino Runs Rockets Into Quad Kings

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 135/260

A raising war took place once again between Eros Nastasi and Luca Delfino where both players had their stacks in the middle for a pot near 200,000 with Delfino at risk.

Luca Delfino: AA
Eros Nastasi: KK

It was looking like ‘cooler city’ for Nastasi as he it appeared likely that he would be on just a few big blinds after his second-best hand ran into the best hand.

The table, especially Nastasi, erupted after the K6K spiked the flop to immediately improve Nastasi to four cowboys.

Delfino was drawing dead on the Q turn with the Q river making the hand official.

After wishing Deflino a good game, Nastasi was busy discussing the epic hand with friends from surrounding tables.

Eros Nastasi celebrating his quad kings.