Amanda Smith Ready for Battle

Level 1: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 85/85

We met Amanda Smith before the start of the day and learned that she won a seat through Poker Raffles to the MPF Grand Event. While Smith has enjoyed plenty of pub-league action over the years, this is just her second time playing outside of a pub environment. She didn’t appear nervous and we reassured her that she had one of the best poker dealers we know in Anna.

Meanwhile, some of the local flavor is in the event as well with two of the nicest poker players you will come across in Karl Gialanze and Matthew Micallef. Don’t let their friendly demeanor fool you as Gialanze and Micallef have both been deep in multi-day events before.

Also in the field are Gary Whitehead, Anne-Marie Yuen, Craig Smith, poker mind coach Ilze Zolte, Jonathan Schuman, and Kelly Slay.

Best of luck to all of these players and the rest of the field.

Amanda Smith

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