Betsson’s Jostein Groedum Among the Big Stacks

Level 4: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 211/239

Jostein Groedum

Jostein Groedum was sitting at around 120,000 recently. Groedum is more than a poker player as he has been in the industry for quite some time and is now the Head of Poker at the Betsson Group.

Groedum has had his share of deep runs in Malta, where the Norwegian calls home and is off to a hot start on Day 1b. He shared with us one hand that took place during Level 2 with blinds at 200/400 with a 400 big blind ante.

The under the gun player min-raised before another player jacked it up to 1,600. The button called as did Groedum in the big blind with 75 to bring four players to the king-six-four with two clubs flop after the under-the-gun player also called.

The three-better led out for 1,200. The button called before Groedum raised with his monster of hand with both an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw to 4,700. The three-better folded and the player on the button called to see a nine on the turn.

Groedum led out for 7,200. His opponent raised to 18,000. Groedum shared he tanked for a few moments before he called. An eight on the river completed Groedum’s straight. Groedum checked before his opponent fired out for 17,500 with 4,000 back. Groedum put him in for the rest to eliminate his opponent while taking down a 94,000 chip pot.

Best of luck to Groedum and the many other Norwegians in the field including Ronny Albrigtsen who is at his table.

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