Brutal bubble for Madalosso in the Ladies First!

We weren’t planning to report any hands from the Ladies First! but there was an emotional ending to the bubble play that neither player should feel guilty about.

Laurine Madalosso three-bet jammed with aces and was called by Vanessa Webley with kings. Two kings came on the board to improve Webley to quads and Madalosso hit the rail on the bubble.

We learned about the hand from sideline correspondent Maureen Bloechlinger but then moments later saw Webley, who we consider a friend, on the break.

Webley was very emotional and is the salt of the earth. She felt horrible about what happened as she is one of the most empathetic poker players we know but how can either player fold in that spot? She will regain her composure during the break and will do her best to win not just for herself but for a chilrdren’s charity.

The final eight players now locked up at least a €250 min-cash with payouts jumping up from there. Assuming no deals, the winner will take home €2,080 and the trophy.

Laurine Madalosso bubble with aces after Vanessa Webley nails quad kings.

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