Florte Less Than Happy About Two Outer

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 77/260

Roar Florte opened for 10,000 before Istvan Krizsan three-bet jammed for a chunk of chips. Jonathan Stoll called off his short-stack before Florte also called off his stack as well.

Jonathan Stoll: AQ
Roar Florte: KK
Istvan Krizsan: [invalid notations] flop, however Florte slammed the table either out of anger or frustration or both after a miracle two outer for his opponents came on the A turn. No alternative miracle came on the 4 river. Florte was less than happy about his bad luck, but who could blame him?

“The same thing happened at the Norwegians!” Florte said before quickly leaving the table.

Although Krizsan won the side pot, his stack soon went into the back into the pot after shoving the very next hand his K9 into Emil Langeveld’s QQ.

The table was laughing about the last two hands before Sascha Manns, who was also at the table, piped up.

“Now you are just getting cute,” Manns said with a smile.

Nothing miracle happened for Krizsan on the 5AJ76 board and Krizsan’s stack went over to Langeveld.

Emil Langeveld – 200,000
Jonathan Stoll – 100,000
Istvan Krizsan – 0
Roar Florte – 0

Roar Florte takes a bad beat with cowboys

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