From 3 Big Blinds to a Healthy Stack for Slay

Level 11: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 133/413

Kelley Slay shared he was down to just three big blinds when he moved tables. We didn’t see how he went from three to a dozen big blinds but we did see the next step along the way. Slay four-bet jammed his dozen big blinds and was called by Beverly Nicholson, who had Slay well-covered.

Kelley Slay: AA
Beverly Nicholson: QQ

Aces held to beat Nicholson’s ladies after the 7KK94 runout.

“That’s not fair,” said Nicholson after the hand.

Beverly Nicholson – 165,000
Kelley Slay – 130,000

Kelley Slay

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