Massage Doesn’t Help Spampinato Push Jacks Ahead of Kings

Level 3: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 106/113

Guilio Spampinato was busy enjoying a massage when he faced off against Tayfun Rodoplu in a hand.

Rodoplu check-raised the 345 flop from 3,000 to 6,000 and Spampinato called to see the 7 turn. Rodoplu fired out for 6,000. Spampinato raised to 17,000. Rodoplu went into the tank before he jammed for more than the 32,000 his opponent had in his stack. Spampinato wasted no time in making the call which appeared to make Rodoplu a little bit nervous that he was in trouble.

“Aces?” asked Rodoplu before the cards were turned over.

To Rodoplu’s relief, Spampinato tabled the JJ. Rodoplu was far ahead with the KK and eliminated Spampinato, at least for now, after the 7 river paired the board.

Spampinato opted to continue his massage on one of the empty tables after busting his first bullet but perhaps we will witness him back in the Day 1a field later in the day with each player entitled to two re-entries if they so choose during each opening flight.

Tayfun Rodoplu – 120,000
Giulio Spampinato – 0

Giulio Spampinato

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