Full Grand Event Payouts

Place Player Prize 1 Arthur Navellou €115,000* 2 Kjetil Hanstvedt €115,000* 3 Leif Hetland €54,400 4 Georgios Zachmanidis €40,300 5 Kamil Skawinski €32,200 6 Samuel Biland €25,100 7 Robert Kontkanen €19,100 8 William Kassouf €14,530 9 Nidal Dawoud €10,380 10…

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Playing For the Trophy

Level 39: 1,000,000/2,000,000 (2,000,000)Entries: 2/1,444 Kjetil Handsveldt had 39.7 million chips to his Arthur Navellou’s 32.5 million. The duo agreed to split the kitty for each player to win €115,000 each before the start of heads-up action. The duo will…

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Hetland Back on Top

Level 37: 600,000/1,200,000 (1,200,000)Entries: 3/1,444 With blinds as high as they are, it doesn’t take big pots from a big blind perspective for things to switch around. Leif Hetland won two pots without a showdown and was on top of…

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