Roar Flotre Eliminated in 3rd Place (€42,300)

Level 36: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries 2/1,460

Roar Flotre min-raised from the small blind and was called by Jordan Dumas.

Both players checked the A94 flop before Flotre jammed for more than 8 million on the 5 turn. Dumas snap-called and the cards were tabled with Flotre drawing dead to Dumas’s wheel.

Roar Flotre: J10
Jordan Dumas: 32

Flotre was awarded a third place trophy along with a tasty €42,300 prize while the final two players have each locked up €63,300 with a top prize of €100,900 on the link.

Jordan Dumas – 49 million
Sebastian Mortensen – 24 million
Roar Flotre – 0

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