Pecelj Leaves Roberts on Fumes

Level 11: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 64/291

Ivan Furniet Martinez opened for 10,000 from middle position and was called by Lisa Roberts from the hijack and John Forsman from the button before Pavle Pecelj three-bet jammed for about 90,000. Martinez quickly folded before Roberts four-bet jammed for a little bit more. Forsman folded and later said I would have called you with sixes if it was heads-up action.

Pavle Pecelj: AQ
Lisa Roberts: 88

Pecelj won the flip with two pair after connecting with both his ace and his queen on the Q45A2 board to double his stack and leave Roberts on fumes.

Pavle Pecelj – 200,000
Lisa Roberts – Few chips and a chair

Pavle Pecelj

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