Richard Koppel Eliminated in 13th Place (€6,900)

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)
Entries: 12/1,460

Estonian Betsafe qualifier Richard Koppel had an amazing run. He was down to crumbs which he doubled up once but was unable to get a triple up an orbit later.

Jordan Dumas min-raised from middle position before Koppel three-bet jammed to 550,000. Petteri Miettinen four-bet shoved for 1,100,000 and Dumas called putting two players at risk.

Richard Koppel: K6
Petteri Miettinen: AJ
Jordan Dumas: 77

Miettinen eliminated Koppel while doubling through Dumas after nailing two pair on the AJQ49 board.

The remaining dozen players now locked up €8,400, while Koppel was the final player to take down a €6,900 prize.

Richard Koppel

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