Richard Koppel Snags Overall Chip Lead on Day 1d

Day 1d of the 2024 Malta Poker Festival Spring Edition €550 Grand Event was the biggest opening flight yet with 413 more entries getting into the mix to witness the prize pool already soar past €550,000 with still two opening flights to go.

Estonia’s Richard Koppel not only performed the best of the 62 Day 1d survivors that collected at least a €900 min-cash for their efforts but also was the first player to surpass 2 million in chips in the Grand Event. Koppel won a massive pot near the end of the day to eliminate a big-stacked Michael Stewart after barrelling away out of position on the turn and river with a flopped full house holding ace-jack only for Stewart left emptyhanded with trips holding big slick.

Roar Flotre, Kevin Rothlisberger, and Phillip Drayer all joined the chip millionaire club, while Simon Lauchernauer, Joel Happio, Sven Meschede, Grant Campbell, Marco Meisser, Jake Caldwell, and Vikram Digpal all found bags north of half a million.

While our reporting will resme tomorrow for Day 2, we will also share the final chip counts and crucial stats from the two turbo flights tonight and tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, check out the final Day 1e chip counts below:

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Richard Koppel2,266,000227
Roar Flotre1,300,000130
Kevin Rothlisberger1,062,000106
Philipp Drayer1,008,000101
Simon Lauchenauer649,00065
Joel Haapio630,00063
Sven Meschede613,00061
Grant Campbell569,00057
Marco Meisser552,00055
Jake Caldwell551,00055
Vikram Digpal510,00051
Fabio Berti490,00049
Massimo Bruno486,00049
Nial Mullally480,00048
Marco Patane470,00047
Koen Volckaert450,00045
Bernardo Boria420,00042
Dario Marinelli406,00041
Rosario Saddemi389,00039
Thomas Hardt383,00038
Jari Hurri377,00038
Evy Albrigtsen373,00037
Mateusz Piwowarczyk329,00033
Chuan Kim Ooi307,00031
Roderick MacNeil302,00030
Johann Telser258,00026
Kathleen Padovani250,00025
Stavros Andreadis226,00023
Fabian Maser226,00023
Jack Triggs213,00021
Steven Penney206,00021
Maxime Delhommeau198,00020
Stephen Dishman190,00019
Kenneth Bailey187,00019
Stevan Gvozdenovic172,00017
Nidal Dawoud171,00017
Junyu Liu171,00017
Benedetto Caruso158,00016
Jarrad Fayez156,00016
Peter Perceval156,00016
Roy Trickett143,00014
Flaviano Cammisuli142,00014
Roberto Zuffo125,00013
Yannick Rohrbach124,00012
Lars Wandmaker124,00012
Timothy Jones123,00012
Svajunas Seduikis108,00011
Marco Herman106,00011
Tomasz Kokoszka90,0009
Keith Smith87,0009
Dario Filippelli84,0008
Marco Siciliano82,0008
Sander Ostlyngen77,0008
Torsten Klingels73,0007
Christian Ruopp67,0007
Beverley Nicholson66,0007
Sonia Padovani66,0007
Martin Kirchbaumer60,0006
Luigi Nucifora55,0006
Daragh Davey48,0005
Jasmin Scheiffele48,0005
Marcello Favaloro37,5004

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