Arjut Doubles With Cowboys

Level 14: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 333/1,442

Tomas Flanagan opened the button for 12,000. Before a raising war took place. Allan Arjut three-bet before Flanagan four-bet shoved for more than the 230,000 Arjat had in his stack.

Arjut called and was far ahead with kings against big slick. The board ran dry for Flanagan and Arjut is among the early Day 2 chip leaders.

“He’s stack shaming me,” said Arjut’s friend Sascha Manns who is also at the table but on a much smaller stack just north of 100,000.

Allan Arjut – 500,000
Tomas Flanagan – 140,000

Allan Arjut brings it home with cowboys

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