Big Slick No Good for Dimartino

Level 14: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 313/1,442

Salvatore Dimartino came into the day with one of the biggest stacks from around the room. He nearly added plenty to his stack but instead took a bad beat delivered by Clausin Sanz as follows:

Sanz five-bet jammed for 242,000 from the small blind and was called by Dimartino from the button.

Clausin Sanz: AQ
Salvatore Dimartino: AK

The pain on Dimartino’s face would be nearly impossible to describe by words after Sanz connected with his queen on the 4Q10 flop. Neither the 7 turn nor the 4 river saved the day and Sanz doubled through Dimartino instead of hitting the rail.

Clausin Sanz – 500,000
Salvatore Dimartino – 390,000

Big slick doesn’t hold for Salvatore Dimartino

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